What makes a good teammate?

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Teammate n. 1. member of the same team

We took some time last week to discuss what makes a good teammate.  Swimmers from Navy, Gold, and Senior groups all brainstormed the qualities that they appreciate in a good teammate.  Click on the image above to see what the list included.

According to this list, are you a good teammate?  Swimming  is more than improving technique, improving conditioning, and dropping times.  It also includes improving yourself as a person, learning interpersonal skills, and developing leadership skills. The skills listed above by your teammates are the skills that will get you far in life, not just in the pool.

How do you rate on some of the characteristics? Is there an area you could improve? Pick one and focus on improving that for a couple of weeks.  Compliment your teammates when they do something that contributes to the positive atmosphere of the team.

We spend an awful lot of time together.  Let’s make it a positive experience. As we set and meet our individual swim goals, let’s enjoy the journey as a close and congenial team.

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